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About our company

company_imageA life long tea-drinker, started Lazy Days Tea to stir up her favorite hot drink. While she built upon the enlightenment of her predecessors, she didn’t miss any chance to lighten up the party, either. After all, she did this based on a hunch that balancing conscience with creativity would concoct a tea good for the senses and the soul. She did away with tea bags, consorted strictly with real tea (Camellia sinensis), and employed fair trade and organic practices. She then set about her way wandering the fields of flavor to dress up the tea world in styles it never knew it had the legs for.

Stuffy old English folk and Asian traditionalists with more tea wisdom than you can shake a yoga mat at do not comprise the entire world of tea drinkers. Granted, we are a certain set of people. But there’s a whole world of us stretching beyond the aforementioned log-bumps; chit-chatters, relaxers, bad-day-havers and contemplators – to name a few. We invite you to suspend time and let your stuff steam up to the surface. Sometimes, the real living of life happens on the laziest of days.

Cup of Jane

Take in a


Orange, pomegranate and cinnamon spice up this Black Oothu from Sri-Lanka, resulting in a full-bodied tea with a vivid copper color and kick. It works as a stand-alone – hot or iced – and can saddle up to any kind of pastry or bread item.