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September 1, 2007


As a long time tea drinker, I felt that something was missing from the market; a tea blend that had it all. Quality leaves, smell, taste and visual appeal all in one container. For me, tea should be viewed as more than just a health agent or as most Americans tend to view it, something for quite time. From the packaging, to the cup and beyond, tea is a well rounded engagement of the senses. Yes, I mean all five of them. Within the Lazy Days Tea Co. experience lies music to your ears when you hear the kettle whistle; a visual festival of colors in each blend; scents that awaken your nose with every whiff; tastes that are complex, yet don’t over power the subtle qualities of the tea; and textures that won’t let you get away without a quick touch, before and after the steep.

Furthermore, it is my belief that there is a sixth sense, the sense of being conscious and aware of the world beyond oneself, this is why the Lazy Days Tea Co. offers Fair Trade CertifiedTM tea blends and employs organic practices.

After multiple tasting parties and events, using blends that were already on the shelf, I got a gauge as to what other avid tea drinkers wanted and what was missing from the market. With that, my development team and I concocted some really way out there flavors and had tons of individuals (figuratively speaking of course) sample the heck out of them. We tweaked and tweaked and tweaked, all while having each modification tested. Finally, we completed the development of the first five wonderful blends we have today. ShhhTM, Hi-5TM, BFFTM (Best Friends Forever), Go Man GoTM and Cup-O-JaneTM. We blend with organic fruits, herbs, spices and all natural flavoring - then seal our blends inside an airtight poly pouch before placing it in the LDT recyclable tin container. Unlike the majority of other loose-leaf tea companies, we package to support the integrity of the product.

Beyond the awesome taste of our blends, we wanted a brand image that was unique and fresh in an industry full of look-a-likes and me-too tea brands available on store shelves today. The Lazy Days Tea Co. isn’t from the old country; it is here today, in the big city. Fresh and Spunky!

We are a Chicago based company and can be reached at:

Lazy Days Tea Co.
P.O. Box 733
Flossmoor, IL 60422

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