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The time is ripe for Lazy Days Tea. We are a Chicago-based company with ambitious flavors and high notions of what tea is about. We connect with our customer through a shared love of the actual experience of sitting down to a great cup of tea – and the absolute myriad of circumstances under which this happens. Being part and parcel of this culture ourselves, we have naturally allied ourselves with organic and Fair Trade-certified growers.

We communicate our identity through fresh and unorthodox branding and promotions. It only makes sense for the product we have so lovingly developed and personalized to our vision. Not only does our packaging design clearly set itself apart from the crowded shelf of tea clones, but the blends themselves have been concocted like Picasso works of art on happy pills. We would love to discuss the kind of in-store promotions that would work for you as well as other POS ideas. In the meanwhile, check out our message boards to see what fans are already saying about Lazy Days Tea.



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